How do you calculate calories burn in WTF lower body when the workout is self paced?

  • I'd like to know how much I burned. It said 273 calories but is that correct? I did five rounds, weigh 135 lbs, and used metal dumbbells that are about 9-10 lbs. I only stopped a few times to catch my breath but never truly stopped to get water or just stand there. I'm trying to watch my calories and lose fat so it would be great if someone could help me estimate it! Thanks!

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    moonsetlo  5 months ago by: moonsetlo

    Exact calorie burn is based on weight and exertion. It's hard to calculate exactly. You can do an estimated with an online calculator. Google for a good one and plug in your info and find the level of exercise closest to what you just did. I honestly don't know how daily burn comes up with their "burn" number. It's most likely based on a 150lb person at high intensity -- but I do not know this for sure. But for example, if it is based on a 150lb person, with your stated weight your burn would be less than the 273. And your personal intensity level comes into play. Calculating calorie burned is not an exact science, sadly. I wish it were, too! :)

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