How do you curb post workout hunger

  • I was just curious how do you curb your post workout hunger? I have noticed shortly after my post workout shake I am VERY hungry. I honestly feel as if I am craving a high level of carbs. Any suggestions?

    giovannihale   by: giovannihale
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    Heath1979  almost 2 years ago by: Heath1979

    Try something with low sugar. You may have had a shake with a lot of sugar in it and it caused an insulin spike, which in turn makes you hungry. Incidentally the insulin spike also makes you fat because the excess sugar is converted to fat by your liver. The extra has to go somewhere and your liver converts excess sugar and carbs into triglycerides and fat. That's how the "cycle" works. Sugar makes you crave more sugar to clear out the excess insulin, excess insulin makes you crave more sugar............then one day you are insulin insensitive, a.k.a. Diabetes. Sugar is evil I guess is my point. Hope this helps.

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    buildblog  about 2 years ago by: buildblog

    I have a pre-workout protein drink and immediately after the workout I have a handful of soya bean nuts (for protein). I carry them in my gym bag.

    Then about 30 mins later I have porridge with bran and sunflower seeds.

    Then about 2 hours after that another protein drink.

    That seems to be enough for me.

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    YankDownUnder  about 2 years ago by: YankDownUnder

    I'm a protein shake drinker as well. Just remember they have calories like everything but water does, so if you're trying to lose weight as well keep the calories in mind, but protein is excellent for helping rebuild your muscles after a hard workout AND it fills you up. Depending on where I am in my diet regime (I hit my goal weight before the month long holiday I just got back from ... PLUS 3.5kg *lol*) I use protein shakes as either meal replacements, or as supplements, eating less dinner after my shake.

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    barbarabryn  almost 2 years ago by: barbarabryn

    drink a lot of water -- it fills you up. I have the same problem, btw

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    nacs0803  about 2 years ago by: nacs0803

    Protein shakes work well. So does chocolate milk. When I know I'm gonna be working really hard, I talk a protein shake mixed with whey protein and Carbo Plus, which provides me with complex carbohydrates that will allow me to feel fuller longer. But generally as a post workout meal, any mixture of protein, simple carbs for an immediate energy boost and carbohydrates will work as long as you keep the carbs moderate and the calories at a minimum.

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    kawaiola  almost 2 years ago by: kawaiola

    I agree with barbarabryn, water does wonders! I drink it steadily after my workout. And while I don't always feel "full", I feel satiated. I've been working out in the afternoons/evenings a lot recently, so between my post-workout meal/shake and lots of water, I'm usually satisfied (and exhausted!) enough to hit the sack without another bite :)

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