How do you curb post workout hunger

  • I was just curious how do you curb your post workout hunger? I have noticed shortly after my post workout shake I am VERY hungry. I honestly feel as if I am craving a high level of carbs. Any suggestions?

    giovannihale   by: giovannihale
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    Heath1979  almost 3 years ago by: Heath1979

    Try something with low sugar. You may have had a shake with a lot of sugar in it and it caused an insulin spike, which in turn makes you hungry. Incidentally the insulin spike also makes you fat because the excess sugar is converted to fat by your liver. The extra has to go somewhere and your liver converts excess sugar and carbs into triglycerides and fat. That's how the "cycle" works. Sugar makes you crave more sugar to clear out the excess insulin, excess insulin makes you crave more sugar............then one day you are insulin insensitive, a.k.a. Diabetes. Sugar is evil I guess is my point. Hope this helps.

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