How do you deal with picky eaters on Ignite?

  • I've looked at the Ignite diet and a lot of things are not appealing to me as I am a picky eater. How do you deal with the diet for those of you that are picky eaters? Also, why does it cut out Soy and Dairy, usually one is a replacement for the other. Odd.

    FiddlinBrittster   by: FiddlinBrittster
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    Johndi0825  10 months ago by: Johndi0825

    As to "why does it cut out soy and dairy?" There is a why Q&A for each of the "evil 6". It is located within the nutrition tab, under resources, understanding the "evil 6".

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    DollFin511  10 months ago by: DollFin511

    You can learn to like foods you don't like right now if you just keep eating them. Only a few bites, once or twice a week, and you'll train your taste buds. That's how a lot of parents teach their kids to like new things - don't just make them taste something ONCE and say "I don't like it." They have to try it several times.

    And soy isn't the only replacement for dairy. Try coconut or almond milk instead. Neither of them (soy or dairy) is healthy.

    • CabinFever
      CabinFever 10 months ago

      Keep in mind that Ignite explains we are so used to foods loaded with fat, salt, and sugar that the proper foods taste less than ideal to us now. Processed foods that we all love are intentionally loaded with these "feel good" ingredients that give us pleasure sense, but do nothing for us in terms of nutrition.

      You have to train yourself to re-learn what proper food actually tastes like. I eat chicken breasts, pork chops, quinoa (sp) pastas, etc. You can flavor with tomato sauce, dressings, hot sauce, etc. You just have to make sure they do not contain the evil 6. Hint... Whole Foods has it all.

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