How do you feel on Ignite?

  • On day one I started with a shake and was just wired with energy and greens powder. Day two started the same way but brought the "low-carb/detox" flu and some major salt cravings (satisfied with coconut water and maybe a few chips). Day three was Easter, and a conscious decision to enjoy Easter dinner and re-Ignite Monday. It wasn't an all-out binge from craving or anything.

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    spage85  11 months ago by: spage85

    I'm on day 4 and I feel great. The hardest thing for me is missing bread, walking through the grocery store or smelling my husband's pizza just makes me more determined. I have seen amazing results in my first four days- my skin has cleared up substantially and I no longer deal with bloating! I think that this program is great for anyone who may have a sneaky food allergy or sensitivity. :)

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