How do you keep up motivation during a plateau?

  • I have very unforgiving genetics and although I work out more and eat healthier than anyone I know, I'm still significantly larger than many of my friends. I've been feeling great on daily burn and ignite and even lost a few pounds, but now I'm on day 50-ish of cardio sculpt and I'm starting to plateau. Also, I just found out my scale is about 6 pounds under actual weight, so I'm 6 pounds heavier than I thought and about 2 pounds heavier than my 'original weight' I entered in. I'm somewhat discouraged now. How do I keep going?

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    Jacksoki  about 1 month ago by: Jacksoki

    Plateauing is the worst--we're all with you and know you can keep going! Maybe switch up Cardio Sculpt with some of the Core workouts, or change up the time of day you're working out, just to give your metabolism a jolt and shake up the primary group of muscles you're working. Additionally, try taking your measurements today and use those to track your progress going forward instead of the scale. Do your clothes fit better than when you started? I bet they do! That's progress! If the scale reads a higher number, but your clothes fit better and you feel great, then your body is converting fat to muscle. A pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat, so the scale may be moving up while your waistline shrinks. It's all good!

    Good luck!! We're here for you!

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      mattmitchel about 1 month ago

      Hey ErinP, I agree with Jacksoki's response. It can be difficult to remain consistent when you don't get the obvious results that can reinforce your healthy behaviors. For this reason, it's often helpful to set different kinds of "process goals" (i.e., goals that focus on your behaviors) as opposed to "outcome goals" (i.e., goals that focus on "numerical evidence"). An outcome goal of losing 30 lbs, for example, is a great goal, but it probably feels like a tremendous undertaking at first, and some of us lose weight much slower than others, so there's plenty of opportunity to get discouraged. Examples of process goals, in contrast, may be to keep as consistent as possible to your routine, or to increase the number of exercises that make you feel challenged. In my case, I've gone through TBT almost 3 times, and I'm always aiming to do the hardest variants of each exercise, even if I have to drop down a level or two midway through (which I do constantly). In the beginning, I could only do level 1, but now I'm starting most moves at level 3. My process goals are to remain consistent as possible in my workout schedule, and to start every exercise at level 3. These are things over which I have more control, and watching myself improve my strength, form, and stamina has been much more satisfying than losing weight. I really hope this is helpful.

    • eamonp
      eamonp about 1 month ago

      Hi Erin,
      What I do, is change up my workout, to "shock" my body, and start to see results again. Your body will get used to workout regimen every 6 weeks or so. I hope this is helpful, and keep on going, don't give up!

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