How do you mix your shakes?

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    andysmith  over 1 year ago by: andysmith

    I have a Blendtec blender and love it. We just got one for the office too. It has the same horsepower as a small lawnmower.

    Mine also has a counter - I've used it close to 2000 times now. Highly recommend.

    • MariyaGil
      MariyaGil about 1 year ago

      I use Nutribullet but it gets annoying when you have too much frozen fruit. Otherwise it's perfect.

    • BaroquePearl
      BaroquePearl about 1 month ago

      Vita Mix here too! It's great jus take seconds, and everything is perfectly smooth!

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    MariyaGil  about 1 year ago by: MariyaGil

    I use Nutribullet but it gets annoying when you have too much frozen fruit. Otherwise it's perfect.

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    MCDSuntag  over 1 year ago by: MCDSuntag

    I use a hand blender (with separate food chopper) by Braun, which I bought from Costco almost 10 years ago. For $20, it's held up through everything I've put it through.

    • rebekaah
      rebekaah 3 months ago

      I have a Braun too that I've used for over a decade; best. kitchen. device. ever.

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    euclidw  over 1 year ago by: euclidw

    I use a Nutri bullet. It is easy to use & easy to clean.

    • scvb13
      scvb13 about 1 year ago

      Love my Nutribullet for single servings! Just got a Blendtech for bigger jobs and now make a huge smoothie for my hubby and I to split in the AM.

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    tlipps  over 1 year ago by: tlipps

    Answer this question (please read answers below before posting)...

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    stomasini  over 1 year ago by: stomasini


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    joeshorette  about 1 year ago by: joeshorette

    Bullet. We've been using the same one for close to 5 years now. 2-3 times a day for smoothies, dressing, chopping nuts, coffee etc.!!!

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    Pandoraas  about 1 year ago by: Pandoraas

    If I'm doing a simple smoothie with just protein powder and mostly liquids I love to use my BlenderBottle. I just put in all the ingredients and shake it, it's perfect for my hectic life! I got mine at Target for under $10 and I don't have to worry about spills.

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    colleenprasser  4 months ago by: colleenprasser

    I do a total fruit/veggie smoothie (beets, spinach, kiwi, berries, etc) and my Blendtec is awesome. Purees everything into a super-smooth deliciously filling breakfast. I've been doing this for months before I even started Ignite.

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    brookssm  5 months ago by: brookssm


    • missmoonfire
      missmoonfire 5 months ago

      Ninja FTW!

    • rebekaah
      rebekaah 3 months ago

      I've been contemplating getting a ninja, but am still not sure it's worth the money. Since you have one, what are your thoughts other than you love it - why is it worth the money?

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