How does it determine calories burned?

  • I just started daily burn, and I notice that it occasionally pops up a little info screen showing my calories burned. Does it take my weight, etc into account to determine this info, or is this for your "average" person? or...?

    waywardspirit   by: waywardspirit
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    AltGirlTX  10 months ago by: AltGirlTX

    What I've read about this in the past is that DB uses an algorithm to determine calories burned based upon gender, age, the weight you enter, and what fitness level you have entered - either when you first signed up or by adjusting that in your profile (b

    • AltGirlTX
      AltGirlTX 10 months ago

      Sure! To change the age and fitness level, go to the upper right-hand corner of any page where your picture and username are, and click on the down arrow. Click the first option - My Profile. Now click the yellow "Edit Profile" button that shows up under your picture on that new page. Then, on the next new page, on the right-hand side, three boxes down, there is a box that says "Customize your DailyBurn". Click the hyperlink in that box for "answers to the Dailyburn questionnaire". Then you're finally at the page where you can update those!

    • bbcgrl
      bbcgrl 10 months ago

      thanks for the answer! I have only ever seen a place to enter weight? I thought i had looked through everything, if you have time can you tell me where you enter that? Thanks for your help!!!

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