How fit do I need to be before even attempting Inferno?

  • I'm a flexible, relatively fit person. I'm on Cardio Sculpt as a way of building up my stamina after a long time away - and they're just challenging enough - neither too easy, nor impossible . I was tiring out before the end of the intermediate workouts after a long time away from exercise. So how will I know when I'm ready to move right up? When intermediate workouts start to feel easy?

    Samwise   by: Samwise
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    TheodoraDailyBurn  over 1 year ago by: TheodoraDailyBurn

    Yes - when the intermediate workouts are starting to feel easy, that's a good time to move on.

    • terpgomer
      terpgomer 10 months ago

      I recommend trying TBT first. When you can do that at level three for most of the program, you are good and ready for Inferno. In the meantime you can try some of the Inferno 15 minute workouts, or even the Inferno WTF workouts. They are short and give you a sense of what the program is like.

    • Samwise
      Samwise 10 months ago

      Thanks! Got a long way to go!

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