how has cardio sculpt work for anyone?

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    KateHough  about 2 years ago by: KateHough

    Cardio Sculpt is pretty awesome. I love Judi's workouts. I've lost some weight since starting DailyBurn workouts, but I tend to jump around from program to program.

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    evammentorp  about 2 years ago by: evammentorp

    I am currently on day 5 of cardio sculpt. My legs were DYING after the first day, but it does a good job of mixing workouts so you are focused on different areas of the body each day. I really like it thus far!

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    Mayhem  about 2 years ago by: Mayhem

    I incorporate these videos into my routine as well. I find it to be quite effective, moderate difficulty, and actually kind of fun.

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    thekronk  about 2 years ago by: thekronk

    Answer this question (please read answers below before posting)...

    • thekronk
      thekronk 10 months ago

      Sorry guys, it didn't save my answer. Here it is:

      I'm on day 43 of the program, and I like it. I haven't changed any of my eating habits, but the program has increased my routine from 40min, 3 days a week to ~40min, 5 days a week (plus the 2 mediation and stretching days). I haven't lost weight, but I'm definitely feeling stronger and more toned.

      Having the program set out beforehand for 3 months definitely keeps me going, and the videos change up at a good rate, so about the time you master the video, it drops off and you get a new one. Hope this helps.

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