How long will it take to get my DailyBurn Fuel?

  • I placed my order almost a week ago and it still shows up in a "pre-order" status in the DailyBurn Store. How long will it take to get my shipment?

    foleymo   by: foleymo
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    jmctevia  over 1 year ago by: jmctevia

    I was reading another post that said orders will start to ship on January 7th. Everything ordered prior to that date is a pre-order. I can't find the post I read to confirm that info so I hope I've got it right.

    • Anthony
      Anthony over 1 year ago

      Actually, orders will be shipping out a little sooner than the previously expected January 7th date. You'll receive an email from us once the order has been shipped.

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    stomasini  over 1 year ago by: stomasini

    I placed my order yesterday and have already heard back about my shipping address so I hope it will be soon. It's hard to be excited to start something then have to wait.

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