How many evil 6's are in peanut M&M's?

  • Started the balance stage today and was offered M&M's at work. I looked at the ingredients and it looks like they have sugar, milk, soy and other added ingredients. Should I specifically look at the main ingredients or the ingredients in the parenthesis too? Confused!! I may give these to my son instead.

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    KateHough  over 2 years ago by: KateHough

    Great question. All of the ingredients count, so you would use at least 3 points based on the info that you gave already. Also, I'm leery of the food dyes in foods like M&Ms. Check out this article that explores the link between blue jean dye and blue M&M food dye: http://www.scientificamerican...

    • SAB42
      SAB42 10 months ago

      Thanks! I'm not wasting 3 points on a handful of M&M's! What candies can I choose that are 1 point? And how much? I've been craving conversation hearts.

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