How many workouts can you use with no equipment

  • I want to get the best out of my workouts but right now money is tight. The last thing want to do is start a program and there is a way is a item I need and I'm doing the workout right. Am almost done with beginners workout by the way

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    v271220  3 months ago by: v271220

    Hi LeLe,

    I recently started Daily Burn and I love it. It is such a great concept without the need to spend money on workout tapes any longer. There are a lot of workouts that don't require additional equipment. The great thing about Daily Burn is you can try out the different videos for 30 days before you commit to anything long term. When you view all the different videos in your library, you can see whether or not that particular video requires additional equipment and what it is. Hope that helps.

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    Rgo78704  3 months ago by: Rgo78704

    There is an entire program called Tactical Bodyweight Training that requires no equipment.

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    papercut2k  3 months ago by: papercut2k

    I understand your problem. I too finished True Beginners in early January and went on to TBT because I don't the money to spare for equipment. I did get a foam roller. I thought I could do without it but it is necessary. My muscles wouldn't loosen up even after a couple of days of rest.

    TBT requires no equipment with the exception of level 2 and 3 in Tabata 2 but TBT is pretty difficult. The first month of Cardio Sculpt suggests hands weights but you don't have to use them for level 1.

    I don't know about the other ones. I guess Move and Yoga shouldn't require anything.

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    eleysanne  3 months ago by: eleysanne

    I am doing the cardio sculpt program and am on day 12. So far, we've used a mat (for stretching), and you could use a towel if you don't have a mat. We've also used light dumbbells. You could start with using cans of beans or tomatoes, just don't move too fast (don't want to send them flying through your window =P).

    • Lele2014
      Lele2014 3 months ago

      lol cant break windows i rent . thank you for your input

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