How much can I expect to lose by following the Ignite plan?

  • I just finished my first week and have lost three pounds. I was hoping my initial loss would be more than that. I am only eating approximately 1000 calories a day. Is that normal?

    sdonaldson210   by: sdonaldson210
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    Kasper2719  about 1 year ago by: Kasper2719

    IDK about the program, as I am new to Dailyburn, but... you NEED more calories. Muscles can't function and properly train without adequate nourishment. Can you re-evaluate your diet and adjust your caloric intake? That could be the main thing holding you back.

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    iheartpolkadots  about 1 year ago by: iheartpolkadots

    3 pound weight loss in one week is PHENOMENAL! Embrace your loss and don't try to rush your body!

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    j4peace  about 1 year ago by: j4peace

    I don't think the point is to count calories. The point is to eat whole, nutrient dense foods. I didn't count calories and ate until I was content with every meal and snack. If it grew from the ground I ate it and didn't feel bad about it. Nutrient dense foods are low in calories, however they do make you feel fuller quicker than other foods. This may mean that eating only 1000 calories had you feeling full. If you are then keep it up. However, if you are walking around hungry all the time you certainly need to eat more! I lost 3 pounds/week on Ignite and was totally happy with that. (I have a lot of weight to lose though so I know I won't lose it all over night.) Keep it up and good luck!

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