How much of the protein shake do I actually have to eat. The recipe doesn't specify the amont and I don't think I can eat 12 oz. Any advice?

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    katf8454  5 months ago by: katf8454

    You should be mixing it with water, milk, or almond milk depending your program. It is usually one or two scoops per drink, again it depends on your program. I am not sure I understand you correctly but do not put 12oz of the mix into one drink. That would be super gross.

    • Deweeys
      Deweeys 5 months ago

      Thanks, but I do realize that you mix 1 or 2 scoops with some sort of liquid. I was saying that this mixture/recipe made about 12 oz total to drink. I think that's a lot and more than I should eat as one serving. I was questioning to see the exact amount of total shake per serving since the recipe just said 1 serving (no weight measure).

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