How often do they update the workout library?

  • I have been doing True Beginner for a month and have been through the workouts a few times now.. and I am ready for some new ones.

    Gmjett01   by: Gmjett01
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    kharmacat  2 months ago by: kharmacat

    I am on the Cardio Sculpt program and at the 1-month mark (tomorrow for me!) all the workouts change... You should be able to look at your calendar (on the computer, upper right area of the Daily Burn page) and see if/when you will get new workouts into your program.

    • Gmjett01
      Gmjett01 2 months ago

      Awesome!!! Thanks! and congrats on one month in... I think mine is on the 5th!

    • TheodoraDailyBurn
      TheodoraDailyBurn 2 months ago

      Definitely give Cardio Sculpt a try! We're constantly updating programs.

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