How often is Fuel out of stock, and how long does it take to come in? I can't start Ignite without it.

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    TheodoraDailyBurn  4 months ago by: TheodoraDailyBurn

    We're currently working on a new formula, so the current Fuel won't be coming back in stock, but we hope to have an announcement about our new protein soon.

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    koryjane1979  4 months ago by: koryjane1979

    Even if you do order it, it takes forever for them to deliver. They charge 12 bucks and it has been almost 8 days and I still haven't gotten mine. You might have better luck ordering it on Amazon.

    • VickyCab81
      VickyCab81 4 months ago

      There are some that contain soy. Look for the varieties that say soy free on the front. I believe all of the new Raw Fit powders are soy free and you need one scoop instead of two to get enough protein.

    • warriortwo
      warriortwo 4 months ago

      You guys are great! I'm glad to have a few options to try now.

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