How to avoid going and buying sweets all the time and eating out ALOT!! Any Tips??

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    mattmitchel  12 months ago by: mattmitchel

    I completely agree with ErinP. Planning ahead is really key. If you're really hungry, and all you have around the house is sweet stuff, then you're going to eat the sweet stuff. Keep healthy alternatives around like fruits and light proteins, and prepare large quantities of healthy meals that you can eat or snack on over the course of the week. If you really crave sweets and have trouble resisting those cravings, it may be really uncomfortable to set limits on yourself at first. That is totally normal. What is also normal is for these new and healthy lifestyle behaviors to eventually become self-reinforcing and habitual. Aside from the self-esteem boost that comes with results, your body will also just learn to do more with less, and your cravings should diminish.

    • accidentalblogger
      accidentalblogger 10 months ago

      This something I personally have an issue with, and the answers so far are great. For me, some how physiologically I have no problem hitting up the vending machine at work for a $1 bag of potato chips or chocolate chip cookies, when I could have bough fruit at office cafe for less.

      Something to consider:

      Are you in a place where temptation looms at every corner? If so, always try to keep fruits and veggies near by that don't need to be prepared to eat; ie bananas, apples, carrots, berries. Also don't pass up nuts. People may say they are fattening, but they are good fats, when compared to that chocolate candy bar in your hand. Stay away from salted if possible.

      Also, try to say away from those "healthy protein" bars or pre made "protein shakes". Read the ingredients. Not all are created equal; sugar and corn syrup are not your best friends.

      Are you really jonesing for that sugar fix? If you really need that chocolate fix, try dark chocolate covered almonds. The almonds will help fill you up, and with dark chocolate will get that taste of sugar, but with a lot more helpful antioxidants that milk or white chocolate.

      If you eating 5 small meals a day, this will take sometime for your brain and body to get on board. Try once a week, a cheat day for strictly 24 hours. After, about, a month your body will stop craving those things, and you can save those cheats for outing with friends and family events and functions.

      Hope this helps.

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