How to get over insecurity while working out?

  • I know that everyone is different but during my workouts at home with daily burn I have trouble getting over the 'insecurities'. Like being in a small space and the cardio is doing jacks or butt kickers or some form of jogging. I don't feel light, and the second my thighs make a sound or I hear myself thud on the floor from bouncing around, I lose my want to keep going. I certainly don't hear the instructors in the video's making too much noise, like their lighter than air, and they have no fat to really bounce up and down or feel uncomfortable with. The second I feel that, I stop and do the 'self hate' thing. Even with my goal in mind I always wonder if doing this according to schedule will actually work or if I'll be bouncing around all jiggly forever.

    BrandaceLynn   by: BrandaceLynn
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    ashkoven  10 months ago by: ashkoven

    It works I've lost 45 lbs since starting dailyburn in April it just takes time. I'm gonna quote Anja here you need to visualize your goal put it right in front of you. Also remind your self why and repeat it daily. That is the best thing to do

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    AltGirlTX  10 months ago by: AltGirlTX

    I just want to add my support for you as well. I have lost 90 lbs in the past 13 months, and even just three or so months ago, I would be mortified that when I would do tuck jumps or sometimes jumping jacks, I could hear my pouch of belly fat slapping against my body. But I just kept going and thought about how that's the reason I was sweating and jumping up and down to begin with. Now it happens extremely infrequently (I still have some fat to lose despite the weight loss) and I know from my experience that it WILL go away. I am shocked at the things I can do now - plyometric lunges, jump squats, etc that I never, ever, in a million years thought I would be capable of. If you stick with it, I know you will get there, too.

    And as for those quiet instructors, remember that professionals have edited the sound in these videos. If you watch some other, independent workout videos online, you'll hear the trainer's feet hitting the ground when s/he jumps or runs.

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    afckirst  10 months ago by: afckirst

    I feel really bad for you it's a horrible feeling to have, i know because I've felt like that before too! I used to cry sometimes before or during my workouts when i saw how i looked. It took one day for me to have a little cry, get a little angry at myself for my negative thoughts and then suddenly i felt this feeling of determination. Honestly within even two weeks of workouts i saw such a difference, especially around my stomach and arms/bingo wings. Seeing that my body was starting to change (all be it very slowly) gave me more motivation and I was determined to keep improving. I lost 2 and a half stone before my wedding day but unfortunately i've let things slip over the past 5 months and I've put on 10lb. I feel like crying since i can see and feel i'm a bit more wobbly than a few months ago but the fact that i know i'll see improvements in a few weeks time makes me feel better. Just try to keep in mind that the trainers and people in the videos workout A LOT they have the time to as it's mostly their job. I hope that you overcome your thoughts. imagine that feeling when you see a loss :-) have you tried using the message boards on my fitness pal? It's great to get motivation from other people who are trying to loose weight and you can add people as friends on there and share hints and tips. It helped me out a lot to speak to other people.

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    blizzful  10 months ago by: blizzful

    I agree with what others shared. I just wanted to add my experience. I just started Dailyburn a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely hated the sounds my body made when I jumped around. How embarrassing, I thought. I had to get over it. If I was to get the most out of the workouts, I had to go full out and ignore the "thunder". I workout alone so I'm the only one judging. I haven't lost a lot of weight yet (I need to get my eating together); but, I feel so much stronger. I keep reminding myself: what will I gain by keeping it up, what will I gain by stopping?

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    Bloo  10 months ago by: Bloo

    It's definitely a difficult situation to be in, and it's one I've come to face as well.

    For me, I just reminded myself that it's the reason I'm doing this. I want to see those things disappear, and sitting on my couch or computer chair isn't going to do it. It may embarrass or disgust me in the process, but I know that I will eventually not feel those things any more... And THAT day will be a day to remember.

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    thekronk  10 months ago by: thekronk

    Not sure how to combat the emotional aspect, but one thing that really helps me to stay focused is using headphones. Crank those babies up really high and you won't hear your breathing, thuds or other distractions.

    If you're watching on a laptop try some bluetooth sport headphones, or use an iphone with an armband and just listen to the cues.

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    karamugle  10 months ago by: karamugle

    Everybody else has said this, but the trainers have been doing this a long, long time. Whenever someone starts a new training process, you're going to be out of shape. Your thighs are going to jiggle. The only way for that to stop happening is to keep with it. It's degrading, yes. But in a few days, it won't be so bad. And then in a couple of weeks, you won't thud. And then in a few months, you're going to hit your goal weight, or whatever it is you're aiming for. But stick with it.

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    BrandaceLynn  9 months ago by: BrandaceLynn

    everything presented was super helpful* Thank you*

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