How to maintain a healthy weight when I like my size, have a good BMI 21 and merely want to eat enough of the right foods each day.

  • I am 5'8" and I weight 140. I"m a size 4. I can't complain about anything publicly to friends/co workers because they make fun of "the problems I have." Well, my only concern is that I'm not a foodie. I eat to live. I don't live to eat, so the drive to eat a massive amount of food really doesn't happen and when I do, it is fairly healthy with a lot of veggie and fruit servings. I do have a sweet tooth, but the problem I'm having is it seems that I"m not eating enough calories per day to maintain my weight. When I do eat enough per my (my fitness pal) app, it is filled with fattening foods or carbs. I just need some guidance on what I should adjust (hence this site) but I can't possibly be the only one that at my age (35) has a good metabolism, in shape, can run 8-10 miles twice a week, but worry that I"m not eating enough food to maintain my weight as opposed to lose weight. I have cut down on the running to 4-6 miles as a result because i was burning 1K calories in each run, but there has to be a better balance out there. HELP!

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    From what I'm reading, it sounds like you're on the right track as long as you're not rapidly losing or gaining weight. As a suggestion and answer to your inquiry about feeling like you're not eating enough,you can always supplement what you're already comfortable eating daily with a healthy protein-packed smoothie.

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