How to motivate myself to workout after weeks of rest?

  • I finished inferno without taking any rest days and was seeing visible results before going on vacation. After my vacation, i took about ten days off and have just started back to dailyburn on a much less rigorous program because i can't seem to gather the motivation to do the inferno-style workouts anymore. How can i get myself back to doing the intense workouts and seeing results?

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    natombomb  11 months ago by: natombomb

    I was just in a similar situation. I finished inferno (loved it and LOVED the results). I took a week off to do some running. I almost started inferno HR but was dreading the knock down butt-kicking workouts.

    Prior to inferno, I did cardio sculpt (also loved the results there, although not as intense as inferno). I decided to go back to it because it was a more diverse program and I figured that would be less monotonous than re-doing inferno right away. It is also less rigorous than HR, which I was really feeling. ;)

    To keep up my motivation and feel challenged, I purchased heavier weights to use. I find it funny how pumped I am to use a new set of heavy weights! I'll probably add an extra riser to the steps where needed as well.

    Good luck!

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    tbell072  11 months ago by: tbell072

    If you're not motivated to stick to one particular workout, what if you simply put yourself on varied program to keep it interesting and balanced? Optimal fitness does require variation between strength, flexibility, agility, etc and maybe you'll see even more results due to the variety.

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