How to stay on a healthy diet when your family wont?

  • I'm 21 and now 195lb. I lived by myself in college and until my last year I stayed under 165 lb. Due to stress I gained exponential amounts of weight. I thought being home would help me loose some lbs but I have only gained weight (10 lbs). I just started to really think about my diet and my family WILL NOT give up any of the "evil six" food in our home (all of it). I know myself and I will eat some of their food. What should I do?

    zitelwhofell   by: zitelwhofell
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    moehilario  6 months ago by: moehilario

    that's a challenge but it takes discipline and dedication on your part

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    fit4life77  6 months ago by: fit4life77

    I understand the family not fully being on board with you. I am in the same boat, however we have an online community to help guide us in the right direction. I believe you can do this... COMMIT.

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    kharmacat  6 months ago by: kharmacat

    The only way to do this is to make the right (hard) choices for yourself. Good luck, you can do it!

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    vandens  6 months ago by: vandens

    I live on campus and have been gaining weight as well because the food options here aren’t very healthy. I started buying and storing food in my room. Some good snacks I’ve found are mixed nuts and apples dipped in peanut butter (delicious and lots of protein to relieve any soreness from the workouts). Good luck :)

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    cpeter16  6 months ago by: cpeter16

    I just wanted to say that I am experiencing the same thing except I live on campus. But I think we can do it

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    Lele2014  6 months ago by: Lele2014

    You are preaching to the choir girl for I am going thru the same. Being a mom of a 5 and a mcdonald's employee who works weird hrs its hard to come across the right choice. I keep a food journal and pray im gonna to head for the fridge

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    Fordek51  4 months ago by: Fordek51

    Make a special spot in your pantry/fridge/shelves for just your healthy foods. That way you have your area of good food to keep strong with and your family doesn't hold you back. Try to make it the first places you look, eye level, whatever makes it easier for you to focus on.

    • Wolfjam13
      Wolfjam13 4 months ago

      Do your shopping separate. Make it a goal to cut up your veggies in the beginning of the week so you will have easy options if you want to snack. It all comes down to How Bad Do YOU want this? It is a mind over matter thing and hang tough because YOU got this.

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