I am concerned I am not doing my ab exercises right. After these workouts I feel sore, but just right under my ribs. Is this normal?

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    HarGopal  over 1 year ago by: HarGopal

    That can be normal depending on how you are doing your work out. There are actually 4 sets of abs. Two right below your ribs, 4 center of stomach, and and two that extend from your naval to the pelvic bone. There are many different core exercises that isolate each group. If you are doing very shallow crunches, meaning just getting your shoulders off the floor and just or not quite get you shoulder blades off the floor you are isolating the top set of abs. When they get sore it feels like the bottom of you ribs are bruised. Just keep pushing through and it will get better, They are also often the weakest group if you have not worked out a lot before so if you are new to these styles of workout programs you are going to have sore muscles in places you didn't know you had muscles.

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