I am doing the TBT workout program where do I take part in the workout challenges in TBT?

  • I Havent seen any challenges in the TBT workout. Are there any and if so where do I find the abs challenge?

    Candice1   by: Candice1
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    michaelk  about 1 year ago by: michaelk

    I don't believe there are any challenges in the TBT program. You'll have to select another program to do challenges, but I wonder... how do you like the TBT?

    • Candice1
      Candice1 about 1 year ago

      I love TBT! It uses my body weight to train and there are different levels. I especially like the fact that Cody is very serious about joint and muscle health. I was a dancer 10 years ago and have many injuries. The workouts are pretty intense but the recovery makes you actually feel good afterwards. Oh and you WILL sweat! Also in the 3 core weeks I noticed changes in my tummy area and my posture improved. I have always hated sucking in my tummy but after this workout it has become easier for me. Hope this helps!

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    mythicalgriffons  about 1 year ago by: mythicalgriffons

    I've only seen the challenges in the intelliburn program.

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