I am doing weight training, inferno and recovey...I am eating fruits and veggis, grass fed beef and raw milk...My weight is staying constant

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    anjag  over 1 year ago by: anjag

    How long have you been training for? Watch portion sizes and your water intake! Remember the weight didn't come on over night and it won't come off that fast either. Stay CONSISTENT!! and Be patient with your body. Work hard, eat clean and things will change!

    • marhgobb
      marhgobb over 1 year ago

      since March constantly......but I was working at a really physical job...I was working out for 15 min..I had the men's big book of 15 min exercises..this is only what I had time for..but I got laid off...and for the last 3 weeks....I have been watching my calories using the daily burn feature.....and doing the daily burn activities....while working out with weights 3 times a week......I have been randomly picking daily burn workouts though..I have just started your inferno.....i am on day 3......we will see what happens in 21 days........I have been laid off, like I said, and I have all the time in the world to work out....thanks........i am 6'4" and I am stuck at 291....it goes up to 294 when I think I have lost some.....maybe I should just throw the scale away....I am a big boy......the scale says....25% to 28% body fat.....

    • marhgobb
      marhgobb over 1 year ago

      and I think portion control might be my problem...the nibbling I do and I do not redcord...but I am hungry....

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    Mayhem  over 1 year ago by: Mayhem

    Be patient. I know that answer stinks, but it's true. In my experience in the first couple weeks as you begin exercising and eating better, the weight loss will be slow. After your first month, if you're being consistent, the weight loss will be faster. Of course if you're severely overweight you might drop a lot of weight initially. Just continue what your doing. You mention "nibbling". You might want to be more aware of mindless eating. Eat only prepared meals and snacks.

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