I am in weight loss program. Is banana good for daily consumption? What about egg? Is it okay to have 1 banana and 1 boiled egg per day?

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    Skolp0827  over 1 year ago by: Skolp0827

    I just read through the Ignite Program and the 21-day detox doesn't allow for bananas because they have a high glycemic load. Meaning, they will spike your blood sugar. You're better off choosing a different fruit like berries, apples, etc. Look up "glycemic load" of the different fruits and choose the ones with lower numbers.

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    Lele2014  over 1 year ago by: Lele2014

    A banana is great easy to digest. I use to eat one, wait about an hr and then start my workouts in the morning. Then when I was done i would get cereal or oatmeal if i had the time

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