I am just starting Daily Burn and Ignite, What suggestions do you all have for making this last?

  • I am unhealthy and I am unhappy about it. I want to make a change (and have tried numerous times in the past on my own) but sometimes I struggle with stay power. I am extremely motivated for the first few days and then my gusto tapers off. What suggestions do you all have to keep up that motivation? How can I make this a life-long and improve my lifestyle forever?

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    kimamma  over 1 year ago by: kimamma

    I was just like you but had never even tried anything. Tomorrow will be my last day on the ignite phase and I did it and it was easy. Yes really. My first advice order the shakes. I feel they really make a difference. I am drinking mine right now instead of my morning coffee that was filled with lots of bad stuff!! Second log in to daily burn as often as you can for support and advice. third, the true beginner work outs are great! they have real people who are not perfect in them. They even sweat! They don't make you feel out of place for not being fit. So far I think this is a great program. You can do this I am sure. Really.

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    nowhereman2  over 1 year ago by: nowhereman2

    A lot of recent psychological research has looked at relationships between fitness activity level and social support. For example, Treiber et. al. (1991) found a positive relationship between familial and friend support among white females (and other groups). In a review of the social support literature, Beets, Cardinal, and Alderman (2010) found that there also existed a positive relationship between youth activity levels and parental involvement. Neither of these studies should really be a surprise. It makes sense that if your friends and family support you, then you would also be motivated to try harder. One more study I can quote (Anderson-Bill, Winett, & Wojcik, 2011) found that self-efficacy (your belief that you will/can succeed) was positively related to fat intake. Meanwhile perceived social-support and self-regulatory behaviors correlate with physical fitness and dietary health.

    This is a lot of complicate language for some simple facts. If you want to do well, find some friends and family who can be active in their support. The more support you feel, the better your chances of success. If they cannot be bothered, then find some friends here or elsewhere who can be supportive. Finally, you need to believe you can succeed! Self-efficacy is used as a measure in clinical and Industrial-Organizational psychology. Invariably the belief someone has in themselves directly affects their ability to succeed in life or in the work place. So at the risk of repeating myself, believe you can succeed!

    Edit: I should note that I am a Cognitive Psychologist and that this is not my specialty. I also cannot treat you any better than you can treat you.

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    MyloWilliamson  over 1 year ago by: MyloWilliamson

    I started ignite at the beginning of 2014. I have also tried and failed countless times to lose weight. I decided to let go of all self doubt and fear of failure, it only holds you back! My mom and I have stuck with ignite for six weeks now and we haven't even felt the need to move on to balance! I've lost 12 pounds and my motivation is just as strong as it was day 1. I think that once you get going the positive feed back will keep you motivated!

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      That's amazing! Congrats.

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