I can feel my muscles in my abs...and have been working out consistently...since Thanskgiving. Why can't I loose the belly that sits on top

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    MasonBendewald  about 1 year ago by: MasonBendewald

    "Abs are made in the kitchen". A quote most trainers know but sometimes keep to themselves! Working out alone is not enough to reveal those abs everyone wants to see. Working out builds muscle and burns calories - but proper nutrition is essential to get the physique you're talking about. Check out the Nutrition tab and check out DailyBurn Life for lots of great articles on nutrition. Hope that helps!

    • lisamarie19
      lisamarie19 10 months ago

      I eat very healthy and pretty clean. I admit I do need to skip the occasional glass of wine and cheese....but really I feel like I do really well. I have done 21 day cleanses and eliminated most processed foods and artificial sugars. I started the 21 day ignite here on daily burn....we will see if this helps! thanks.

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