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  • Just out of curiosity if one is on an 1800 calorie diet and a consistent work out plan, and goes over on the calories one day, does staying under the next balance out?

    GaryK   by: GaryK
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    krismarie80  about 2 years ago by: krismarie80

    If you eat fewer calories the next day but still fulfill the exercise portion of your plan you'll be less effective. If your workout and calorie plan are integrated you are better not to try to compensate by lowering the calories the next day.

    If I've over eaten I try to increase the exercise that day as well. If I've fallen and eaten junk to overeat rather than fresh whole foods, I'll eat something else too, like turkey balls or a shake, and then up the intensity of my exercise.

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    theshanman97  about 2 years ago by: theshanman97

    ive tried doing that! i would just have to look at me to see ive failed! LOL i would say up the exercise but keep your cals the same! :)

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    nacs0803  about 2 years ago by: nacs0803

    If you've overeaten one day, then just don't worry about it. Don't try to overcompensate by overtraining. You can cause injury and that would definitely hold your back. Just forget about it. Start over the next day. Make sure your follow your meal and be consistent. Consistency is really the key. One bad day of overeating isn't going to hurt you if you remain consistent. Just don't make it a habit. Every day is a new day. Focus on your goal and work consistently towards it.

    • krismarie80
      krismarie80 about 2 years ago

      I wasn't talking about overtraining. Making a slight modification to your exercise for the day to up the calories burned wont lead to injury, it's about being adaptive and maintaining your caloric ratio. Mentally I find it a stronger way to deal with a slip in eating as it's something you can action now instead of saying oh well, I'll do better tomorrow. I absolutely agree that overtraining is bad mkay, but I think you misread what I was suggesting. :-)

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