I don't want to use a protein powder so I'm looking for other breakfast suggestions. Anyone have any? :)

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    richv  7 months ago by: richv

    Egg whites. They are packed with protein.

    • janniepie
      janniepie 7 months ago

      Egg whites are a great idea. Perhaps even an egg white omelet with spinach mushrooms and artichoke hearts?

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    melissa1982  7 months ago by: melissa1982

    I love the Morning Star Farms Spicy "Sausage" with egg whites and a whole wheat english muffin, hearty breakfast sandwich that keeps me full all morning.

    • Stina
      Stina 7 months ago

      You can still make a shake. I use kale and mixed berries. It's so good. If your not used to greens in your smoothie then add a little more each time to work your way into it. Try not to buy pre packaged food if possible. Even "healthy" packaged food has hidden unhealthy items.

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