I get super nauseous when I do inferno, and ideas on how to prevent it?

  • I want to keep going with inferno but every time I do a work out I get really sick to my stomach for about an hour after. I feel fine while I am doing it but I have to go and lay down for a bit at the end. Not good when I workout in the morning and have to get to work. So lame I know! I find myself avoiding the workout because of it and that is not good either. I have tried eating 30 min before and working out in the evening. Same results. Help!

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    anjag  over 1 year ago by: anjag

    hydrate!!! Most often this is a huge issue for people! and honor your body while its getting in shape (even if you had been working out before these can be brutal at first!) Good that you are eating before,... but maybe it's too close? I usually can't eat less than an hour before I workout.

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