I hate squats!

  • I hate squats! Why does every workout contain a squat exercise?

    chitarra90   by: chitarra90
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    thrivefit  over 2 years ago by: thrivefit

    We do squats because we squat every day. Every time you sit down or get up off a chair, the bed or the toilet you use the same muscles. If you lose the ability to squat you lose the ability to do many activities in daily life. Keep squatting!

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    adt36  over 2 years ago by: adt36

    I tried to post a response to this yesterday, but it got flagged as profanity! (There was absolutely no profanity in my post, I promise!) Is there any way to get that back??

    • adt36
      adt36 10 months ago

      Will it show up after being cleared as not having profanity or do I need to try to re-post?

    • nathanielcohen
      nathanielcohen 10 months ago

      We do have a profanity filter turned on and we're constantly tweaking it to make it better. Sorry if we accidentally identified your post incorrectly!

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    jojoleb  over 2 years ago by: jojoleb

    This might help:

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    mashapic  over 2 years ago by: mashapic

    me too :)

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    shaeon  about 1 year ago by: shaeon

    Yep, the squats burn. The program I'm on right now is actually really heavy on lunges, and I'm feeling pretty hateful towards lunges right now.
    But as noted by someone else, squats are a functional movement and it is beneficial to you to be strong enough to pull off a lot of squats. And of course the burn means it is working. If you have joint problems or an injury, then find a modification, but otherwise keep on squatting. They do you a lot of good.

    • abcmyates
      abcmyates 10 months ago

      I have a disability in my left knee and I was leery about the squats. I used the modifier, but eventually, I found it too easy. I began squatting lower and lower and have no problems with my knee. The squats are building the muscles back up around my knee, making it stronger and it feels better. I still have to be mindful, but I never thought I could do this again after my injury.

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