I hate squats!

  • I hate squats! Why does every workout contain a squat exercise?

    chitarra90   by: chitarra90
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    Janisse4  almost 2 years ago by: Janisse4

    I have bad knees so instead of the squats I just do leg lifts with only squating very slightly. You still have the movement, your still burning calories and you are still getting the burn. Hope this helps!

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    YankDownUnder  almost 2 years ago by: YankDownUnder

    So why do you hate them? If they burn, they're doing what they're meant to, working those glutes and thighs. I just did Animal Core last night which has a lot of squat type exercises, and my butt still aches this afternoon! I just embrace it and know that it's doing it's job :)

    If it's for physical reasons like Janisse4, I think she has a great alternative there.

    Keep up the good work!

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    thrivefit  almost 2 years ago by: thrivefit

    We do squats because we squat every day. Every time you sit down or get up off a chair, the bed or the toilet you use the same muscles. If you lose the ability to squat you lose the ability to do many activities in daily life. Keep squatting!

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    kawaiola  almost 2 years ago by: kawaiola

    I hate them, too, but I'm trying to embrace them anyway, lol!

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    johnstongirl11  almost 2 years ago by: johnstongirl11

    Squats are a functional movement. They help us to move better during everyday life. They literally work every muscle from the waist down and if you do them with weights they work EVERY muscle!

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    bohdel  over 1 year ago by: bohdel

    I hated squats until I learned to do them correctly, by pushing your knees in the direction your fet point naturally. I had always tried to push them straight, and a friend who's a physical trainer pointed out my mistake. Immediate success!

    • jorn
      jorn over 1 year ago

      Bingo! Make sure you are doing them correctly.

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    adt36  almost 2 years ago by: adt36

    I tried to post a response to this yesterday, but it got flagged as profanity! (There was absolutely no profanity in my post, I promise!) Is there any way to get that back??

    • nathanielcohen
      nathanielcohen almost 2 years ago

      We do have a profanity filter turned on and we're constantly tweaking it to make it better. Sorry if we accidentally identified your post incorrectly!

    • adt36
      adt36 almost 2 years ago

      Will it show up after being cleared as not having profanity or do I need to try to re-post?

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    jojoleb  almost 2 years ago by: jojoleb

    This might help:

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    slshaw23  almost 2 years ago by: slshaw23

    I hate lunges ....So when I don't like something I substitute for another workout

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    pepperdove  over 1 year ago by: pepperdove

    I always learned in yoga that if you hate a particular movement, that's a sign you need to do it more, since you have plenty to learn from it.

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    SNDiane  over 1 year ago by: SNDiane

    They are not my favorite, but I a doing them. Am already seeing an improvement on how many I can do.

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    acahernandez  over 1 year ago by: acahernandez

    I agree i don't really like them myself,but i will aleast try them by doing the modified. I do have problems with my knees every now and then, but as i said before i will do the modfied.

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    mashapic  over 1 year ago by: mashapic

    me too :)

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    amber85neiner  over 1 year ago by: amber85neiner

    In my experience, they are excellent for promoting weight loss and giving phenomenal definition in your legs. I'm not a fan of squats either, but if you stick to them, it gives you results. Make sure to use proper form so you don't harm your knees....

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    fitfreak2  over 1 year ago by: fitfreak2

    Because they are amazing for working out every muscle in your legs! I used to hate squats with a passion . . . but finally the more I do I actually have started to like them and they have become much easier the more I do!

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    shaeon  4 months ago by: shaeon

    Yep, the squats burn. The program I'm on right now is actually really heavy on lunges, and I'm feeling pretty hateful towards lunges right now.
    But as noted by someone else, squats are a functional movement and it is beneficial to you to be strong enough to pull off a lot of squats. And of course the burn means it is working. If you have joint problems or an injury, then find a modification, but otherwise keep on squatting. They do you a lot of good.

    • abcmyates
      abcmyates 4 months ago

      I have a disability in my left knee and I was leery about the squats. I used the modifier, but eventually, I found it too easy. I began squatting lower and lower and have no problems with my knee. The squats are building the muscles back up around my knee, making it stronger and it feels better. I still have to be mindful, but I never thought I could do this again after my injury.

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    womanofgod4893  about 1 month ago by: womanofgod4893

    Squats are a really good exercise that focuses on your legs and butt. I'm a nurse's assistant at a nursing home and I am told all the time by these little old ladies to take really good care of my legs so I don't end up like some of them who can't walk anymore. But, of course there is always other exercises - you don't have to do squats if you dont like them.

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