I have been sedentary for years

  • I have been sedentary for years, so much so that I actually have atrophy in my legs! I am just starting the workouts and am wondering about splitting workouts up. I once read somewhere that three 10 minute workouts is okay, rather than 1 30 minute workout. Until I can physically do the 30 minutes all at once, are the three 10 minute workouts helpful?

    SwirlyGirl   by: SwirlyGirl
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    Jewlzm  almost 2 years ago by: Jewlzm

    I have come a long way in the year I have been doing this. There is one thing I have learned. Do what you can even if it is just a little at a time. I started with just being able to walk to the end of my street (1 tenth mile) and only 5 sit ups. Some may say no but from experience I say yes. Just stick with it keep moving and try to do a little more each time and it will come.

    • SwirlyGirl
      SwirlyGirl almost 2 years ago

      Thank you!! That's really inspiring. I'm getting married in 3 months, though this is about my health and not a wedding date. :) I will definitely take your advice and keep on trying!


    • Jewlzm
      Jewlzm almost 2 years ago

      Congrats! Keep trying , dont expect instant results expect better health in the long run :)

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    GaryK  almost 2 years ago by: GaryK

    The most important things to remember for a good work out is MOBILITY, Training & RECOVERY - You will even hear the trainers mention this. Make sure you warm up with joint mobility before anything .. If this is all you can do for the work out in the beginning thats great. Because nothing breaks momentum quicker than injury. As you get more mobile your training will become easier, and don't forget recovery.. All combined and you will be doing 50 minute work outs before you remember you couldn't do 30 minutes.

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    Maaike  almost 2 years ago by: Maaike

    Of course! Just start by doing whatever you can do now and add a bit extra each week :)

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