I have constant knee pain from a long standing ballet injury I still want to workout what workouts can you recommend on here

  • I cannot bend my knee a lot without it hurting sometimes even a simple squat or lunge is unbarable but working out is part of my routine so I need a workout that can work with my knee pain

    balletstar   by: balletstar
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    JayneT7  over 2 years ago by: JayneT7

    Perhaps some basic yoga (easy class, short duration) with modifications and using props such as blocks and blankets to support your knee. Whilst there are easy classes on this site there are not a lot of modifications so I would advise finding a class that suits your comfort, learning the name of the pose and then looking online for any modifications. Better still, supplement your classes on here by attending a remedial yoga class and after a while, modifying your poses will come instinctively to you and your body. Hope that helps :)

    • JayneT7
      JayneT7 10 months ago

      Great tip from Mandy

    • mandyksmith
      mandyksmith 10 months ago

      Agree with Jayne. Also, not on DB, but swimming / water aerobics class with modifications may work as well. If it hurts, don't do it.

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