I have felt terrible on Ignite ever since day two. It is day 8. I'm tired, headache and generally feel crappy. How can I fix this?

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    SAB42  over 2 years ago by: SAB42

    Im on day 5 and today feel bad. I had the chocolate almond cup shake this morning and the chia seeds made me feel so full :-( Ive never had them before. I couldnt even eat my veggie quiche at lunch 6 hours later. My head feels weird and my stomach feels really full. Im drinking alot of water to flush myself out but still feel full. Definitely not having the double chocolate fudge shake in my diet. Chia seeds work wonders i can tell you that much. I have been feeling great up till now. I have only noticed my anxiety levels are high because of trying new foods.

    • crb3ll
      crb3ll 10 months ago

      It's common to have flu like side effect temporarily as your body adjusts to burning fat for energy. It's also common to lose have a sudden dip in weight as your body does not need to retain as much water when your body is burning fat for fuel. For me I got over the hump in 3 days, but some people have reported it taking a full week. Hope you feel better soon!

    • SAB42
      SAB42 10 months ago

      Also, I did not start my workout program yet because I did not want to shock my body with two major changes. I would wait till you feel better to excersise and focus on your diet for a while. Take walks. I lost almost 5 pounds already without even working out.

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    chrisminniti  over 2 years ago by: chrisminniti

    stick with it. change is shocking to the body. quitting bad food and beginning to exercise is like coming off drugs. Your body is trying to adjust. All that will subside. You can do it.

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