I have finished the inferno 21 day challenge....should I switch programs, add weight and continue inferno?

  • I want a challenging, high intensity workout to help meet my fitness goals and maximize my results!

    Hellbuschm   by: Hellbuschm
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    anjag  over 1 year ago by: anjag

    I would switch over and do either TBT or KB and then come back to Inferno and kill it! Let me know what you decide :)

    • Hellbuschm
      Hellbuschm over 1 year ago

      Which one will give me the best results? Should I add cardio (running) in addition to the training? I want to lose five to seven pounds and really strengthen and tone...

    • andysmith
      andysmith over 1 year ago

      I suggest TBT. It's a different kind of intensity than Inferno, but has enough cardio to help. I don't think you need to add extra cardio, especially if you are eating right.

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