I have food allergies, what substitutions can I use when nuts are suggested in the ingredients?

  • I am allergic to shell fish and 90% of nuts, most diets suggest eating nuts. What other options are there when nuts are suggested as snacks.

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    KateHough  over 1 year ago by: KateHough

    Hi, great question.

    Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, as well as pumpkin seed butter and sunflower seed butter are great nut substitutes.

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    JulietChantel  5 months ago by: JulietChantel


    I'm an allergy queen too, I think I'm allergic to more things then I'm not so I've learned how to get out of most things like this... Here are some of the swaps out that I've learned to make for my own safety! The most important thing is to look for foods that also have good fats in them,

    1) Sunbutter is a nut-free butter that's really good :) they sometimes do samples too if you want to try it before getting it. But it's a good thing for the whole "peanut butter" snack thing . It's PN/TN/Gluten free http://www.sunbutter.com/

    2) Corn, soy, and avocado, hummus, all make great forms of snacks that you can control the calories :)

    3) when you need nuts as a topping on something, like a casserole you could try using bread crumbs (I make my own because its easy) broken up potato chips or pretzels, or tortilla chips too! :)

    4) Or you can make a streusel out of oats, or even a crumble to put ontop of things.

    I really hope some of this helps, I have recipes too, if this appeals I'm happy to share!

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