I have looked on the website about a grocery list but I'm trying to figure out exactly how I can stay within a budget

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    RWinzer  over 1 year ago by: RWinzer

    Good economy meal is Turkey chili - I also buy bulk Ground Turkey and Chicken Breasts from BJ's - although they don't have No Salt Added diced tomatoes, so you always pay a little more because they only have standard sized cans of those. Beans and soups are another cheaper, yet filling meal - and I especially like those in the winter as it feels like comfort food. I made a celery root & cauliflower soup with onions and NSA Chicken Broth - it was really good!

    • RWinzer
      RWinzer 10 months ago

      Another one...If you like split pea - substitute a lean pork tenderloin (plain no marinate - they are cheaper and barely any sodium) for the ham....I put carrots onions celery and a few potatoes to make it extra thick. very cheap and filling.

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