I have the coconut almond silk milk and I was wondering if with the 21 day ignite, could I use that instead of the daily fuel?

  • Since they are sold out of the daily fuel burn for the shake, can I just have black coffee with my almond milk silk coconut vanilla milk? i just wanna make sure i get all this right before I start the challenge......Also can we drink the Suja Juice? I am a huge fan of Suja, and just wondered.

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    ABScarlett  11 months ago by: ABScarlett

    Coffee would not replace the shake. You need a quality vegan protein source. Your local health food store should have one. Just make sure it's not soy protein as that is off limits as well. If you go back to the nutrition plan information, there is a list of requirements for protein powder.

    • TheodoraDailyBurn
      TheodoraDailyBurn 10 months ago

      We recommend Vega One as a substitute for Fuel—and our new Fuel should be out soon!

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