I have the worst sweet tooth in the world...is there anything "sweet" besides fruit that we are allowed to eat on ignite?

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    chocsweethrt  about 1 year ago by: chocsweethrt

    I do fake sodas. Soda water, real slice of lemon, and stevia. The reminder of soda cures my sweet tooth.

    • katlin89
      katlin89 10 months ago

      Plain, nonfat greek yogurt with cinnamon sprinkled in is a great option too... I don't do ignite so I'm not sure if you can have dairy. I am mostly paleo, but still do some greek yogurt :)

    • lizflad
      lizflad 10 months ago

      I add a little cinnamon to all natural almond butter to spread on fruit. The spice add a little depth to the almond butter, it kind of tastes like nutella to me, but I can skip the dairy and soy additives that come with nutella.

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