I joined Daily Burn about two weeks ago. I really want to be successful. When I log in it says "today's workout" Is that what I have to do?

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    richv  about 1 year ago by: richv

    You can use "Discover"; the little magnifying glass icon to search through all the available workouts. Today's workout referrers to the schedule of whichever program you're in. In term's of being successful... you're here, you're doing it, I'd say that's success.

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    jdundas  about 1 year ago by: jdundas

    (wasn't able to complete my question in that amount of characters)
    For the best results? Or can I pick whatever? I have never been very flexible and yoga is frustrating for me so I skip it when that is the suggestion. Thanks!

    • khvillarreal
      khvillarreal 10 months ago

      Yoga is also frustrating for me but I stick with it because in time it will become less frustrating.

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