I jsut signed up cant fiqure out how find out what work out do every day?

  • I'm confused on how this system work's seem's very confusing?


    brookebree   by: brookebree
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    brittneyruffin  over 1 year ago by: brittneyruffin

    At the top of the browser there's a tab that says WORKOUTS!!!!! You click on it and it takes you to your workout!!!! Good Luck!!! ;-)

    • brookebree
      brookebree over 1 year ago

      Do you know how cancle?

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    stefanniehall  over 1 year ago by: stefanniehall

    For me I do a cardio in the morning.. Helps me with getting my first boost of enegry to start my day...Then a yoga at night. It's very relaxing and helps me get a full nights sleep.

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    CharlieW77  over 1 year ago by: CharlieW77

    From the top menu bar, click on "Workouts." On the next screen choose, "Discover." Pick the program that most meets your needs or interests you the most. For me, I've chosen TBT. It's a 28 day program. On the "Workouts" home page, you can click on "Calendar," and it'll show you what you've got coming up for the duration of the program. I like to think of it as choosing a workout DVD set that lives in the cloud.

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    klk46  over 1 year ago by: klk46

    This is not quite as user friendly as I had hoped

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