I know it's "Daily" Burn, but do I have to workout everyday? Or is at least 3-4 times per week sufficient?

  • I just started the workouts last week, and Ignite yesterday. I don't want to kid myself into thinking that I will actually do these workouts daily. At least 3-4 times per week is realistic for me. Will that be an effective goal during the Ignite phase? How many times a week did you workout during the Ignite phase, and what was your resulting weightloss?

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    shaeon  about 1 year ago by: shaeon

    According to a fitness podcast I listen to (Get Fit Guy - which is actually where I heard about Daily Burn) a daily exercise program is ideal if you want to lose weight/tone/etc.
    However, pretty much anyone would tell you that exercising some of the time is better than never exercising at all. More exercise will equal faster results, but 3-4 times a week plus healthy diet is better than healthy diet only.
    I want to add to that, be sure that you don't under-eat. If you are eating less than your body needs to sufficiently sustain you, you won't lose weight. I attend weight loss group meetings, and inevitably if someone just isn't losing pounds, it's because they actually need to eat more.

    • shaeon
      shaeon 10 months ago

      Yeah. While I'm tossing the Get Fit Guy's name around, I should probably note that his daily plan involves one day that is recovery - yoga, stretching, etc. But that it is about doing SOMETHING physical daily.

    • traceyrn31
      traceyrn31 10 months ago

      I am following the Cardio Sculpt program and it has me on something every day, but one day is meditation yoga and another is a stretch program, so it's 5 days of true workouts a week. I can do that...Sometimes if I'm really sore I don't do the yoga/stretch and just use it as a rest day.

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    Tressairis  about 1 year ago by: Tressairis

    I have the same question. I only started yesterday and appreciate that it's mobile and you can truly do it anywhere but each day isn't pragmatic for my schedule.

    • brandicoy
      brandicoy 10 months ago

      in addition to my full time job I also teach at night 2 nights a week. So I am kind to myself and don't worry for those two nights. Doing some is better than none, doing some more is better than some. I just enjoy my ride and don't make a stress thing of it. I also have a treadmill I enjoy walking for about 10-20 minutes after my dinner. I can tell in just four work outs in 9 days I am getting stronger :) ride yer own ride. don't let anyone "should" on you.

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