I'm a first time mom with a 2 month old daughter.

  • I am trying out the Cardio Sculpt program to help get back in shape what would be a good program to help postnatal besides the yoga?

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    accidentalblogger  12 months ago by: accidentalblogger

    Being a mom of 6 girls, slide into something easy at first. It is your first child, so getting back into the swing of things wont be so bad. Things to consider:

    If you were active before you where pregnant, you can probably go into anything, but always listen to your body. If its to much, scale back on intensity.

    If you weren't really in a fitness mode before baby, try the 15 minute workouts. This should help ease you into the flow of things.

    Again, always listen to your body, and follow up with your doctor if you can seem to pick back up. Good Luck!!!

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      stasiaallen01 10 months ago

      Thank you!

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