I'm a Smoker, and I want to quit.

  • I'm a smoker and i'm in the position to quit. Is it okay to quit the same time i'm doing my ignite phase? Or would that be too much stress for the body. Any suggestions??

    Bronzedgoddess   by: Bronzedgoddess
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    HeidiBelle  4 months ago by: HeidiBelle

    I am a former smoker and I can only imagine how your cravings for a cigarette will imagine your cravings for sugar dairy etc.

    Will you be taking Nicorette at the same time? That might help your stress level?

    Obvi, I'm not a Dr. so check with them to be sure :) GOOD LUCK!!

    • HeidiBelle
      HeidiBelle 4 months ago

      Definitely talk to the Doctor, that stuff is serious, when my fiance took it his moods were so bad and his sleeping habits changed so much, thats a tough call

    • Desylay
      Desylay 4 months ago

      My Husband has had great luck with Chantix. It works if It does not mess with you. I can not take it. It makes me very depressed and I cry all the time. If you have symptoms STOP TAKING IT. I found the patches work the best for me. Best of luck!!

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    Dendrobite  4 months ago by: Dendrobite

    First of all, congratulations on trying to quit!

    Have you thought of switching to an e-cigarette?

    While the jury is still out on it medically, it's not likely to be nearly as bad as actually smoking and you can gradually reduce the nicotine concentration to zero. I've read a lot of reports from former smokers about how their breathing has improved along with a host of other benefits. The security guard at my work hasn't touched a regular cigarette in the month since she discovered the electronic option. She was doing half a pack a day before that.

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    cmgaudet  4 months ago by: cmgaudet

    I just want to encourage you to quit whenever you are mentally and emotionally ready and keep in mind that the withdrawal symptoms you experience are temporary and mean that your body is getting back to learning how to live life without nicotine. I'm quitting too - we can do it!!

    • Bronzedgoddess
      Bronzedgoddess 4 months ago

      Thank all for you encouragement, Hopefully Monday will be the beginning of the end . Ive been on chantix before and the only symptom inhad was vivid dreams.

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    morrilin  3 months ago by: morrilin

    I quit 2 years ago. I concentrated on the quitting and used MILD exercise at first, then increase. I was gentle with my body and my self and focused only on quitting. I gradually increased exercise as the days and weeks passed. I could not have done ignite and cigarette quit at same time. I would have failed at both. Check with doctor, of course, but I say, concentrate on quitting smoking first. That success will lead to others.

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