I'm a vegan and I want to try Ignite - anyone have any helpful recipes or ideas so that I can try this? Lots of vegan food includes at least

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    pixieluv  about 1 year ago by: pixieluv

    You could try reading Thrive by Brendan Brazier, I read it and it was pretty helpful with vegan nutrition and working out

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    Ginstafford  about 1 year ago by: Ginstafford

    Look at some of the vegan chef websites and sub out the tempeh, and soy for other proteins. I really like Happy Herbivore. She's a friend of mine. Her thing is naturally fat free vegan recipes. www.happyherbivore.com Don't know if that helps but ya know...you can also check out The Kind Diet and the website that goes with it (not sure if its kindlife.com or thekindlife.com) You may find that site helpful as well. :-) I'm vegan as well so feel free to hit me up if ya need to!

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