I'm curious. Are most people just following the workout videos or are they using them in addition to their own routines?

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    seeEricaRun  about 3 years ago by: seeEricaRun

    In addition. I'm an avid runner, so these videos are just part of cross training along with swimming, biking and my own occasional lifting workout at my work gym.
    This site has been great though - I love the recovery videos, and the workout variations have helped give my running a huge boost.

    • Snibble
      Snibble 10 months ago

      Same here. I'm poor at stretching, so DailyBurn has been helping me fill in that gap on recovery days.

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    moore3883  about 3 years ago by: moore3883

    Yeah, I've been using the videos to change up my cardio a bit everyday, but I still do my regular weight routines. Thanks for the answers folks!

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    AWNR  about 3 years ago by: AWNR

    I use the videos exclusively currently. The weather might change that though.

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    lawson  about 3 years ago by: lawson

    I exclusively use the videos M-F and then on the weekend I usually do some type of sport activity (soccer, hiking, bike, run, etc...).

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    buckry  about 3 years ago by: buckry

    Exclusive, I do as many videos a week as I can, sometimes 4, sometimes 14, just all depends on my energy level, but I'm not going out and doing anything else on my own, just DB.

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    jojoleb  over 2 years ago by: jojoleb

    I'm brand new to dailyburn, so I thought that I'd try working out the dailyburn way, at least for a while. I've been doubling up on the videos most days, trying to keep my exercise time in the 60 to 90 minute range. I usually do a more challenging work out in the morning and follow up with something lighter in the PM.

    Great stuff so far. I'm very impressed!

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    mashapic  over 2 years ago by: mashapic

    I just do the videos and sometimes walking if i have time.

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    terpgomer  over 2 years ago by: terpgomer

    So far I have been using DB exclusively, but I have a trainer at my gym, and I will occasionally work out with him, and when it warms up I will get back to running as well.

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    Dendrobite  about 1 year ago by: Dendrobite

    I use the videos every day unless there's something going on that keeps me from doing it. If that happens then I just do some light stretching and a few reps of something with which I'm already comfortable. I also go for jogs with my dog. Sort of like a lazy version of HIIT where we encourage each other to sprint for random intervals.

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    kmchugh  over 2 years ago by: kmchugh

    I have used the videos in addition to outdoor activities, hiking, biking, walking the dog. Sometimes I do my main workout video but add on another 15 quick core or something to get about an hour workout daily. Minimum will be my main video.

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    rhaden  over 2 years ago by: rhaden

    I use the videos occasionally in addition to my usual workout.

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    paulthurwachter  over 1 year ago by: paulthurwachter

    I use Dailyburn on days I don't play sports, so it ends up being half and half, more or less.

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    jaymem  over 1 year ago by: jaymem

    I do the videos almost exclusively. I do yoga in a group, though, so I'm still doing that. But I've stopped going jogging (partially due to the weather).

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    kyletarvin  over 1 year ago by: kyletarvin

    I use it in addition to my other workouts. I teach 6 or so Jazzercise classes a week, plus additional strength training. Jazzercise includes some weight work, but it tends toward high rep of lighter weights, so I lift heavier weights with fewer reps once a week too. I added DB to have something shorter I can throw in on days off or days when I'm only fitting in one workout a day.

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    shansmith160  about 1 year ago by: shansmith160

    I'm only using the videos for now, and just following my calendar. I only do the one video scheduled per day. I'm in the True Beginner program right now.

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