I'm curious. Are most people just following the workout videos or are they using them in addition to their own routines?

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    codemonkey2841  about 2 years ago by: codemonkey2841

    I use the dailyburn videos almost exclusively for my workout routine. Now that it's warming up outside, I'll probably go running in addition to doing the videos.

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    Jewlzm  about 2 years ago by: Jewlzm

    More times than not I will do a workout everyday in addition to my elliptical, spinning or running routines. Sometimes with my kids I will do one workout per kid (I have 3) and that covers me for the day LOL

    • Janisse4
      Janisse4 over 1 year ago

      That is a great idea! I have 3 kids also so I'm going to bump it up some! Thanks for the awesome tip! :)

  • 9 votes
    MissyMcMuff  about 2 years ago by: MissyMcMuff

    I use the videos exclusively 6 days a week.

  • 8 votes
    seeEricaRun  about 2 years ago by: seeEricaRun

    In addition. I'm an avid runner, so these videos are just part of cross training along with swimming, biking and my own occasional lifting workout at my work gym.
    This site has been great though - I love the recovery videos, and the workout variations have helped give my running a huge boost.

    • Snibble
      Snibble over 1 year ago

      Same here. I'm poor at stretching, so DailyBurn has been helping me fill in that gap on recovery days.

  • 6 votes
    moore3883  about 2 years ago by: moore3883

    Yeah, I've been using the videos to change up my cardio a bit everyday, but I still do my regular weight routines. Thanks for the answers folks!

  • 6 votes
    AWNR  about 2 years ago by: AWNR

    I use the videos exclusively currently. The weather might change that though.

  • 6 votes
    ctreptow  about 2 years ago by: ctreptow

    Only the videos.. and they have made a change in my tone

  • 5 votes
    lucylove4465  about 2 years ago by: lucylove4465

    Yes I use them in addition. But sometimes I will just do one everyday

  • 5 votes
    lawson  about 2 years ago by: lawson

    I exclusively use the videos M-F and then on the weekend I usually do some type of sport activity (soccer, hiking, bike, run, etc...).

  • 5 votes
    buckry  about 2 years ago by: buckry

    Exclusive, I do as many videos a week as I can, sometimes 4, sometimes 14, just all depends on my energy level, but I'm not going out and doing anything else on my own, just DB.

  • 5 votes
    KaseyG  about 2 years ago by: KaseyG

    I primarily use Dailyburn for my daily workout routine! But I also go to the gym to sit in the sauna room for 20-30 mins to help with sore muscles, intensify detoxification, and speed up my metabolism!

  • 5 votes
    YankDownUnder  about 2 years ago by: YankDownUnder

    As my stamina is improving, I find myself doing 2 videos a day, or else a video and running or spinning. Most days I exercise 60-90 minutes.

    • slshaw23
      slshaw23 over 1 year ago

      90 minutes I can't wait til I get there

  • 5 votes
    Camiii0  almost 2 years ago by: Camiii0

    I am following the videos only, its helped quite a bit.

  • 5 votes
    Maaike  almost 2 years ago by: Maaike

    At the moment I'm just following these workout videos. Maybe I'll add something later on, but for now I'm happy if I work out here two or three times a week. Small steps work better for me :)

  • 5 votes
    barbarabryn  over 1 year ago by: barbarabryn

    I am doing zumba classes at the gym five times a week--just started DB because I want to add 15-20 mins daily workout at end of day. Not getting enough arm work in zumba.

  • 5 votes
    phormalitize  over 1 year ago by: phormalitize

    I've been using dailyburn very frequently, but my main workout is yoga and I prioritize that; I also run several times a week in addition to the videos here.

    • Bawana
      Bawana about 1 year ago

      I mostly do the videos only but throw in some push ups ever other day.
      I am thinking of doing some more aliptical once or twice a day.

  • 5 votes
    kawaiola  over 1 year ago by: kawaiola

    I also go to the gym to get in some cardio, light weight training, and sometimes even yoga. I also have a Groupon for kickboxing and combat fitness, and a boxing class for which a friend and I recently registered -- so those things are in the mix for now as well.

  • 5 votes
    jojoleb  over 1 year ago by: jojoleb

    I'm brand new to dailyburn, so I thought that I'd try working out the dailyburn way, at least for a while. I've been doubling up on the videos most days, trying to keep my exercise time in the 60 to 90 minute range. I usually do a more challenging work out in the morning and follow up with something lighter in the PM.

    Great stuff so far. I'm very impressed!

  • 5 votes
    slshaw23  over 1 year ago by: slshaw23

    I am using them in addition to my beach body workout.

  • 5 votes
    sarkrauss  over 1 year ago by: sarkrauss

    I'm marathon training, but I use dailyburn videos to get my strength training in. The core and leg sessions definitely help with my running form and speed.

  • 5 votes
    johnstongirl11  over 1 year ago by: johnstongirl11

    i just started but I plan on using them 3-5 times/week to supplement my running.

  • 5 votes
    Allygirl  over 1 year ago by: Allygirl

    I use it along with different exercises like running weight lifting ext...

  • 4 votes
    acahernandez  over 1 year ago by: acahernandez

    I use the videos daily, but also work on my own routines in the evenings. My husband tells me i'm over doing it, but if i have the energy why not.

    • Bawana
      Bawana about 1 year ago

      I was swimming three day a weeke for 2.5 years and was not losing any weight, and was talking to a guy at the YMCA, who asked how many days are you exercising, I said three, he said try to do more, I throw in one more day and did notice I was dropping but did not keep it up.

  • 4 votes
    cdeery  over 1 year ago by: cdeery

    I plan to combine the workout videos with other activities ... depending on how much time I have to workout

  • 4 votes
    nathanwfish  over 1 year ago by: nathanwfish

    I do the workouts in addition to a short run/weight session during week, bike or surf on weekends.

  • 3 votes
    Neeha  over 1 year ago by: Neeha

    I either do DB workout or hit the gym... I am person who constantly needs a change... So I alternate DB work out with the gym...

  • 3 votes
    dvox  over 1 year ago by: dvox

    Yup I'm following the videos at the moment. I've found I didn't stick with the program I was on though and I ended up mixing and matching depending upon my mood and energy level at the time. It keeps me motivated and seems to work pretty well for me. I do find I prefer the TBT stuff though. Good luck. :)

    • nithya22
      nithya22 over 1 year ago

      I just started with the DB videos.. have you noticed a difference? I plan on exclusively using the videos... I like the convenience of working out at home, on my own time...

    • Bawana
      Bawana about 1 year ago

      What is TBT workouts?

  • 3 votes
    mashapic  over 1 year ago by: mashapic

    I just do the videos and sometimes walking if i have time.

  • 1 vote
    terpgomer  over 1 year ago by: terpgomer

    So far I have been using DB exclusively, but I have a trainer at my gym, and I will occasionally work out with him, and when it warms up I will get back to running as well.

  • 1 vote
    MCRihs  about 1 year ago by: MCRihs

    I am using these in place of My Trainer Bob 60 minute DVDs, which are bit excessive after coming back from a slew of injuries from overtraining using them. They are also helping me with getting my strength back to hopefully get back in the pool to swim and to run again.

  • 1 vote
    mj8961  3 months ago by: mj8961

    I'm following the calender and doing extra videos - really likin-it

  • 0 votes
    Dendrobite  27 days ago by: Dendrobite

    I use the videos every day unless there's something going on that keeps me from doing it. If that happens then I just do some light stretching and a few reps of something with which I'm already comfortable. I also go for jogs with my dog. Sort of like a lazy version of HIIT where we encourage each other to sprint for random intervals.

  • 0 votes
    michaelk  about 1 year ago by: michaelk

    I am new, but I plan to follow DBK faithfully.

  • 0 votes
    hbarger  about 1 year ago by: hbarger

    Answer this question (please read answers below before posting)...

    • hbarger
      hbarger about 1 year ago

      Wow, don't know what happen on the original post, but oh well. I'm using DB as my main workout routine, while implementing more active lifestyle choices, like taking walking breaks at lunch and playing volleyball twice a week.

  • 0 votes
    Georgiabarrett103111  about 1 year ago by: Georgiabarrett103111

    I am doing about everyother day Zumba with te TBT workouts. I find myself so soar that I have to do Zumba to work out the soarness. But Im going to try the recovery workouts next.

  • 0 votes
    kamline  about 1 year ago by: kamline

    I use them as an addition to my own workout routines cuz I can also fill in with some great shorter workouts that I customize into my week. I love daily burn for that reason! The teachers are great and the previews are good at making your workouts...work for you.

  • 0 votes
    shaygurl318  about 1 year ago by: shaygurl318

    mixing things up with insanity

  • 0 votes
    kmchugh  about 1 year ago by: kmchugh

    I have used the videos in addition to outdoor activities, hiking, biking, walking the dog. Sometimes I do my main workout video but add on another 15 quick core or something to get about an hour workout daily. Minimum will be my main video.

  • 0 votes
    fitfreak2  about 1 year ago by: fitfreak2

    I am mostly using these videos but I enjoy a run once or twice a week when the weather is nice. I HATE the gym and LOVE being able to workout at home!

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    rhaden  about 1 year ago by: rhaden

    I use the videos occasionally in addition to my usual workout.

  • 0 votes
    summer_sun0001  about 1 year ago by: summer_sun0001

    I will be using these videos as well as running and training for my first 5k. That's about all I have time for in the mornings before a long work day. Maybe the occasional hike here and there. Also, running with my lab. He counts as a workout I think :)

  • 0 votes
    sld21  12 months ago by: sld21

    Im a PT and do my own programming. However I find the Yoga, Mobility, and Release videos a great addition to my routine. :)

  • 0 votes
    irevere57  6 months ago by: irevere57

    I use this in addition to my own routines;I also workout at the gym. I love to do spin classes and body pump.

  • 0 votes
    AmericanAndrewX  6 months ago by: AmericanAndrewX

    I am using daily burn alongside running and some insanity videos.

  • 0 votes
    paulthurwachter  6 months ago by: paulthurwachter

    I use Dailyburn on days I don't play sports, so it ends up being half and half, more or less.

  • 0 votes
    jaymem  4 months ago by: jaymem

    I do the videos almost exclusively. I do yoga in a group, though, so I'm still doing that. But I've stopped going jogging (partially due to the weather).

  • 0 votes
    kyletarvin  3 months ago by: kyletarvin

    I use it in addition to my other workouts. I teach 6 or so Jazzercise classes a week, plus additional strength training. Jazzercise includes some weight work, but it tends toward high rep of lighter weights, so I lift heavier weights with fewer reps once a week too. I added DB to have something shorter I can throw in on days off or days when I'm only fitting in one workout a day.

  • 0 votes
    shansmith160  about 1 month ago by: shansmith160

    I'm only using the videos for now, and just following my calendar. I only do the one video scheduled per day. I'm in the True Beginner program right now.

  • 0 votes
    moonsetlo  about 1 month ago by: moonsetlo

    Both. Some days I add a little extra of my own thing; some days I just focus on an intense dailyburn workout.

  • 0 votes
    vicky31mom  about 1 month ago by: vicky31mom

    I just started the programs. Im on day 6 but I also throw in some couch to 5 K walk/jogs.

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