I'm going camping this summer. How do I look "normal" with my meals?

  • I'm going camping this summer with a group of my family and not sure how everyone will react the way I eat now. My husband is already commenting on how weird that would be. No one in my family watches what they eat and I will get some serious lecturing from them!

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    Good question. Family gatherings can be really hard when you are the only one to make a change. The good news is that there are a lot of camp-friendly foods that also fit into your new lifestyle. I grew up camping in the woods of Maine, and here are some food ideas, followed by how to address the social situation:


    1) Make use of that grill! Cooking over the fire is my favorite thing about camping. Luckily, many grilled options are free of the evil 6. Grill a steak, chicken breast, or beef burger over the fire. You can also wrap veggies or a potato / sweet potato in foil and roast it.

    2) Make substitutes for your favorite foods. You can still eat pasta salad - just make it with gluten-free pasta for example.


    1) Instead of stressing the weight loss part of your new eating habits, tell your family that you are doing it for your health, because you want to live longer to take care of your kids (if you have them). As a family, it will be hard to argue with that one.

    2) People are afraid of what they don't know. If you bust out the coconut milk while they are chugging down Pepsi, they might make fun of you because they have never tasted it themselves. Offer to share your food with people who are making fun of you, and they may be surprised to discover that they like it.

    3) People with bad attitudes are often defensive. If they see that you are losing weight and eating healthy, they may feel guilty about their bad eating habits. By targeting you, they feel better about their bad choices.

    4) This is so normal, I can't even tell you how many people I know deal with this. You are not alone, although you may feel like it. You are making a positive change for yourself. If your family lectures you about it, they are not supporting your health. Always remember that.

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      Hit me up anytime and I'll be happy to help :)

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      Oh my gosh! What a perfect answer! Thank you:)

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