I'm hungry already! I'm waiting for my Fuel shakes so I ate eggs, avocado, berries for breakfast. It's only been 1/2 hr...should I eat more

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    ARUALULUL  over 1 year ago by: ARUALULUL

    I think that if you need more to sustain your ignite, you should go for it. As long as it is not the Evil 6. I am waiting to buy the shake too. I started today with just almonds for breakfast (I normally don't eat breakfast) and then tuna for lunch. I can't wait for dinner, but since lunch I ate more almonds for snack and I have an apple ready too, just in case.

    • courtwend
      courtwend over 1 year ago

      I started the program with a 3 day juice cleanse which really reduced my appetite.

      ARUALULUL over 1 year ago

      I am on day three of ignite and I am shocked that I have no cravings and have not lost energy. Usually no carb diets drain me, but I think the fruit have sustained me.

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