I'm new at this , failure at all diets. Always crave what I can't have, all I drink are sodas, water gives me heartburn,(weird I know) .

  • What should I expect I am scared to death but I am so sick all the time and I know it's because of what I put in my body. I work nights, I feel so tired all the time, I have chronic migraines, bulging discs in my lower back, mood swings, I'm a HOT MESS( except I'm not hot!!!) I am so nervous about the whole thing . I am also concerned about withdrawals from the caffeine ... Any advice for a new comer??!

    heathercay   by: heathercay
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    sognatorebella7  about 1 year ago by: sognatorebella7

    Here's my 2 cents: Take it ONE DAY at a time, even one hour at a time. Develop a mantra (ex. I am strong, I am at my goal weight of___., I can fit into size ____ pants. I am healthy, I take care of my body because I love myself.
    Withdraw from caffeine little by little (one cup of coffee a day wont hurt you), STOP all soda, instead try crystal light to enhance your water...or vitamin water. You are craving sugar because you may be consuming too much sugar (sodas). Put yourself on a strict sleep schedule and determine what is interrupting or causing your sleep problems.
    Monitor your blood pressure, and creat a journal to document when you get your migranes (what you ate, what you were doing at that moment, etc). Try YOGA for your back, and reaffirm to yourself that you can handle this. Let go of your nerves and just go...don't think. Give yourself a week and reflect on how the week went, (let go of any negative thoughts as they come to you....just invasion them leaving. Write down your experience everyday so that you can look back and remember how good you feel with your new lifestyle decision. Remember how they say...if what you are doing isn't working...try something new...don't keep doing the same thing. You know this, that is why you're here. The truth is, you know what to do and now you have a support system to get it done!!

    • Rosie30
      Rosie30 10 months ago

      You can do it, Take a few weeks to change things, get rid of one thing, go a few days then do another, make a commitment to show up and do each workout. and take it step by step! You can do it!

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    JoeyP  about 1 year ago by: JoeyP

    You've got some good advice right here
    But good for you that you are even wanting to change your life
    Yeah I hear the what if's ...... and the I'm So's ..... But noproject gets completed in a day
    Take a deep breath Drop all the excuses why you can't and take it like someone had already said ... one day at a time
    Set your mind to drop all your bad habits one at a time
    You work nights ... you have chronic back problems ... those you neeed to work around
    But the other problems will all start to fade as you get healthier

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    Drmonroedvm  about 1 year ago by: Drmonroedvm

    Get a support system set up. A significant other, best buddy, or co-worker you admire. Talk to them regularly and express some of your concerns or when you're feeling 'weak' and that you can't do it. It helps just to see that someone has your back. I am terrible with self-discipline and I found I pushed myself harder when I knew I had to 'report' to my friends. It is great to join gyms with friends, too. Know what your limits are, but don't make them a focus. In the end, you are what you put into it. Good luck and take it a day at a time, one change at a time. :)

    • Gomzee
      Gomzee 10 months ago

      Meditate, have lots of greens,don't ignore your dietary supplements -antioxidants. start an organic,natural diet

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