I'm new to DB, are you adding new workouts regularly?

  • I love to workout but I get really bored when I repeat workouts, I'd love it if you added new different types of workouts regularly to make it more interesting to people like me (with workout ADD)

    skhadija   by: skhadija
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    Anthony  over 1 year ago by: Anthony

    We don't really have set dates for this, but we usually release workout videos in 'programs'. We released 9 programs from December to February consisting of about 50 new videos.

    • synapse111
      synapse111 over 1 year ago

      I suffer the same thing. So I mix up the programs. Inferno, TBT, Cardio Sculpt, etc. I do stick with the 2 days hard and an easy (yoga/mobility/stretch) rountine. There's good science there for improving one's ability

    • skhadija
      skhadija over 1 year ago

      Thanks Anthony, should I expect new "hard" workouts in a month or so? Is anything in production right now?

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